SMA OIS has key advantages in size, power, heat, magnetic interference, performance stability, and cost over standard VCM OIS products. SMA's unique properties enable a small design that has low power consumption which generates less heat allowing the image sensor to operate at a lower temperature and to deliver better performance. Since SMA uses no magnets, it does not interfere with speakers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular antennae, or other actuators in the system (i.e. dual cameras). SMA's high force properties enable a stiff design that is robust to shock events and has high resonant frequencies enabling consistent performance control stability. High force capability also enables glass lenses for better image quality and thinner camera designs.


    SMA products are rigorously tested to meet the most stringent industry reliability tests. HTI has substantial internal test and measurement capability to enable quick development feedback and design validation. Nearly all reliability tests are performed internally. Watch the video below to see a few of the more rigorous mechanical tests that HTI performs.

    Automation is at the heart of what we do. Our hard disk drive suspension manufacturing has been highly automated for over 25 years. SMA OIS utilizes the same equipment we use to manufacture suspension assemblies. Leveraging mature, high volume assets, ensures the ability to quickly scale to high volumes and to successfully support large customer programs.