Hutchinson Technology Inc. helps our customers reduce their time to market by providing a wide breadth of design and development capabilities. Our development teams work closely with customers to develop product solutions and manufacturing processes to solve critical customer problems. Our highly capable engineering staff consists of experienced technicians, engineers, and PhDs each with specialized areas of focus. Product development engineers use a combination of complex electrical and mechanical modeling software, comprehensive analytical labs, and process development labs to develop and test new concepts. HTI's network of in-house process development and analysis labs encompasses over 27,000 sq. ft. and provides an expansive set of capabilities that enable rapid product development and engineering problem solving. Product development labs are fitted with highly configurable state-of-the-art equipment similar in function to our high- volume processes but on a smaller scale. HTI's development teams are not only great product and process innovators but also experts in volume manufacturing. As such, they are responsible for ensuring a smooth transition from laboratory feasibility to high quality volume production.

    HTI's development team and the following labs are available to assist in your product development needs:

  • Chemical process development
  • Component development
  • Laser process development
  • Mechanical assembly process development
  • Machine vision and inspection process development
  • Material science
  • Chemical analysis
  • Dimensional metrology
  • Product performance characterization

    This combination of a broad set of process options, off-line process development labs, high-end analytical capability, and experienced development teams that strive to understand the fundamental science, enables development of cost effective, high performing product and process solutions. Whether you want to test ideas for a new product or need to solve a difficult engineering problem, our product development and analytical services teams are ready to assist.