Hutchinson Technology supports our high-volume manufacturing and new product development with a broad range of electrical, mechanical, and chemical analytical capabilities featuring state of the art instrumentation performed by staff with substantial expertise. As a leading edge, high-volume producer of precision components, we have acquired significant knowledge in analyzing and solving difficult engineering problems. We use our broad chemical, electrical, mechanical analytical capability, and high volume technical manufacturing expertise for failure analysis on existing products, and to help customers solve their most difficult product design problems.

    Materials Science Analysis

    Our material science labs are fitted with state of the art, precision metrology instrumentation. HTI scientists have significant experience solving leading edge technical manufacturing problems.

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Chromatography
  • Cleanliness
  • Metallography / Microscopy
  • Polymer Characterization
  • Spectroscopy

    Product Characterization and Test

    HTI's characterization and test labs specialize in electrical and mechanical testing of small, precision products. Most testing is done in our specialized labs, however, motion analysis can be performed at a customer's site.

  • Electrical performance
  • Environmental conditions
  • Micro-mechanical force
  • Motion analysis

    Dimensional Metrology

    Developed for our world-class tool manufacturing center, HTI dimensional metrology capabilities are best-in-class. State-of-the-art instrumentation and a tightly controlled environment ensure accuracy in millionths of an inch.

  • Contact and non-contact metrology
  • Linear, profile, roundness, surface profiles
  • Rigorous calibration and maintenance to ensure quality