HTI has been producing photochemically machined components for over 50 years and is widely recognized as a leader in precision etching of thin materials. HTI uses a unique blend of in-house designed equipment, custom resist, glass photo tools, online process control, and enhanced metrology capability to produce high volume products with leading-edge tolerances.

    Chemical Etching is best suited for thin materials and can be used to create patterns as well as alter surface properties to dial in roughness, friction, and wear properties. Complementary core processes of stamping, plating, machining, advanced circuit processes, And assembly enable us to help customers select the right technology to meet product cost and performance goals as well as simplify their supply chains.

    Substrate Size/Thickness:

  • Thickness range: 0.015 mm - 4 mm Standard sheet size: 12"x27" (305mm x 686mm)
  • Capable of etching sheets up to 20"x27" (508mm x 686mm)
  • Web (reel to reel) processing possible on large volume thin SST products

    General Capabilities:

  • In-house high resolution Laser Direct Imaging for low cost, quick turn prototypes and development flexibility
  • In-house glass photo tool generation for precision high volume capability
  • Experts at advanced etching techniques such as surface texturing and partial depth etching
  • High yield, high volume 0.6 mil (15 micrometer) line / Space circuit etching with 12 micrometer Cu thickness
  • Automated vision inspection systems to ensure product quality

    Through Etch Feature Tolerances

  • Through feature minimum size is equal to the material thickness plus 0.025 mm
  • Standard through feature tolerance is ± 15% of metal thickness, and critical through feature tolerance is ± 10% of metal thickness (±0.010 mm min)
  • Standard center-to-center tolerance is ± 0.010 mm

    Partial Etch Feature Tolerances

  • Partial-etch thickness reduction capability is available for single or multiple areas and depths
  • Standard partial-etch features are 65% reduction in material thickness (0.025 mm min)
  • Standard partial-etch depth tolerance is ± 10% of metal thickness removed (± 0.004 mm min)