Hutchinson Technology has been laser welding suspension assemblies and various components for over 20 years utilizing various laser technologies with an eye for continuous improvement and challenging our equipment to meet cutting edge requirements.

  • High speed scanning and fiber beam delivery
  • Cutting edge tool design and capability to locate and clamp components as they are welded
  • Recognized laser experts across multiple technologies enable HTI to leverage in house technologies to solve a wide range of processing problems


  • Typical materials processed are 300 series and 400 series stainless because of their inherent compatibility with Nd:YAG laser processing methods
  • Our equipment has the capability for processing other materials as well; Contact us for more information.


  • Laser technologies enable welding of materials as small as 15 um thick
  • Spot welding sizes down as low as 0.15 mm on thinnest materials
  • Tooling component locating abilities to precisely fixture and locate welded components on the order of +/- 20 um
  • High speed spot weld position tolerance capabilities of +/- 20 micrometers
  • Process control and test capabilities to meet strict weld integrity requirements and ensure part-to-part consistency
  • Extensive experience designing and building customized tooling for various applications to support welding a variety of components
  • Lab capabilities for pull tests, cross sections, and dimensional measurements