HTI has developed world class machining capabilities for creating small form factor components with extremely tight tolerances.

  • 3 and 5 axis CNC Milling with spindle speeds up to 150,000 RPM
  • Wire EDM with wire sizes as small as .0008 inch (0.02 mm) diameter
  • EDM Drill capability in both water and oil dielectric
  • Sinker EDM (Ram EDM, conventional EDM) capable of burning threads into tungsten carbide or any conductive material
  • Surface Grinding with super abrasive wheels for achieving flatness < 0.0001 inch in carbide and tool steel. we also grind plastics. cnc pin grinding for precision tapered, spherical, or parabolic pins with form tolerance < 0.0002 inch
  • CNC Jig Grinding capable of both chop and planetary hole paths achieving hole roundness < 0.000075 inch
  • 24x7 operation and flexible scheduling system provides short lead times high speed scanning and fiber beam delivery

    We have extensive experience with tungsten carbide and stainless steels and are capable of processing a wide variety of materials from plastic to polycrystalline diamond.

    HTI has the ability to build from solid models, interpret GD&T, and we have proprietary processes for hard milling materials such as tungsten carbide and ceramics.

    Our environmentally controlled Precision Measurement and Inspection lab is capable of validating complex geometry, size, location, orientation, and finish requirements to sub micrometer accuracy.

    HTI owns and applies machine tool calibration equipment (laser interferometer, spindle analyzer, extensible ball bar, etc.) to assure optimum machine accuracy.