Plating Capabilities

  • Electroplating: Copper, Nickel, Gold, and Silver
  • Electro-less plating: Nickel pattern plating with photoresist
  • Vacuum deposited seed layers for plating on non-conductive substrates
  • Soft, Pure Gold: Best in class for wire bonding or solder bonding
  • Hard gold also available
  • Stainless steel substrate for direct pattern gold plating supported

    Dimensions and Tolerances

  • Typical thickness: 0.1 µm to 20 µm
  • Typical thickness tolerance: ±10% to ±50% of target
  • Product size: 1mm to 600mm
  • Plated vias down to 0.1 mm (Outside diameter of copper pad, Inside of 0.025 mm via diameter)

    Process Control and Product Quality Methods

  • Real-time monitoring and control of plating bath chemistries and process conditions for superior product quality
  • Thickness control: XRF
  • Bond ability and cleanliness: Solder wettability XPS and gold ball shear
  • Plated film integrity: Heat and humidity stress test, porosity, bending, and stress-strain test
  • Plated film characterization grain size and structure optimization using focused ion beam (FIB) cross-section
  • Plating thickness uniformity: Thickness uniformity optimization using COMSOL FEA modeling

    Plating Support Operations

  • Engineering development capabilities for optimized surface finish, cost and performance
  • World class analytical chemistry lab for control of contamination levels (exceeding industry standards)