Hutchinson Technology is a world leading manufacturer of complex, precision stamped components. Our 20 high speed presses utilize progressive dies, which enable high volume, low cost production of over 25 million precision stamped components per week. With over 30 years of stamping manufacturing experience for the hard disk drive industry, HTI's stamping capability provides a unique combination of precision, quality, and cost that can benefit medical, defense, industrial, telecommunications, and many other industries.

    Operations Overview

  • Stamping and tool making capabilities to produce small, complex, thin metal stampings with precision tolerances in high volume
  • Contamination controlled manufacturing environment
  • State-of-the-art, rigorously maintained equipment
  • Twelve 60 ton Bruderer stamping presses capable of 1000 strokes per minute
  • One 30 ton Bruderer stamping press
  • Seven 10 ton presses capable of 300 strokes per minute
  • On-site world class tool room

    Leading Edge Capabilities

  • Progressive stamping dies for piece part, coil, or strip processing of various metal alloys from 0.0254 mm (0.001 in) thick
  • Finished critical feature tolerances to ± 0.008mm (±0.0003 in) at min 1.5 Cpk
  • Position to 0.006 mm (0.0002 in)
  • Shape to ±0.006 mm (±0.0002 in)
  • Flatness to 0.01 mm (0.0004 in)

    Post Stamp Processing

  • Proprietary electrochemical metal finishing
  • Proprietary batch chemical metal finishing
  • Ultrasonic DI & IPA cleaning
  • Microprocessor controlled continuous flow heat treat (bright annealing) ovens

    Quality & Inspection

  • Online data acquisition for statistical process control and monitoring
  • Environmentally controlled precision inspection lab capable of validating complex requirements to sub 1µm (40µin) accuracy
  • High accuracy production measurement capability (View Pinnacle, Laser mics, Wyko white light inferometry, Instron hardness testing)
  • Extensive electronic data collection, warehousing, and retrieval systems

    World Class Tooling Fabrication

  • Dedicated onsite tool room
  • Fully equipped with precision grinders, mills, spinners, lathes, heat treat oven and specialty processes (WEDM, CNC Jig Grind, CNC Surface Grind)
  • Class A toolmakers with > 20 years average experience
  • Extensive experience with tungsten carbide and tool steels
  • Die component assembly tolerances to 5µm (0.0002 in) with moving components timed to 1.3µm (50 µin)

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