Hutchinson Technology's etched stainless steel screens offer high percent-open area and robust dimensional stability.

    Benefits of HTI's etched screens include:

  • Burr-free
  • Excellent dimensional stability and uniform hole size
  • Metal thickness from 0.0016″ to 0.010″
  • Hole diameters down to 0.002″
  • Open area greater than 50% is available.
  • Hole shapes: a variety of geometries are available

    Applications include:

  • Hydraulic fluid systems: last-chance filters
  • Medical devices
  • Particle separation
  • Sugar filtration
  • Food processing
  • Various other critical filter processes

    Comparison of etched screens over standard woven mesh screens:

  • Improved dimensional stability
  • More uniform hole size and shape
  • Enhanced strength
  • Smoother and easier to clean surfaces