HTI utilizes our own in-house machine design and machine build capabilities to set up our high-volume manufacturing lines. These world class capabilities include automation, controls, and vision system development. We also purchase off-the-shelf equipment and modify it to meet our exacting requirements.

    HTI's internal automation development is key to support cost effective, leading edge assembly capability for custom products when off the shelf automation does not meet product performance or cost targets. We develop high volume automation to provide a consistent and reliable method for processing parts that are too small and delicate for human handling.

  • HTI equipment design engineers are experts in developing solutions that maximize speed and precision
  • Internal machine design and build capabilities enable cost effective development, optimization and integration of equipment
  • Our vision engineering group develops leading edge vision solutions capable of high speed inspection of variable or attribute defects down to 3 ┬Ám in size

    One example is our suspension assembly units, with output as high as one part per second and micron-level registration tolerance.